Brunch Salad

How is everyone’s 2018 going?

Still going strong on your healthy goals? But keeping it balanced with some treats now and then, right?

I have a new found love for salads. I have always hated salads but I really want to change my eating habits to have more fruit and vegetables in them so I have been having a salad every day for brunch or lunch.

I don’t really know what I’m doing but I know they taste delicious. This one just happens to be the one I had for brunch today and Ceth said I should take a picture of it because it looked blog-worthy. So here you go, folks. Fried egg- over easy, of course (use that yolk for dressing!), walnuts, apple, cheese, and cucumber.

The trick to perfect fried eggs? Make sure your pan is hot and sprayed. Crack your eggs in the pan, immediately cover with a lid, and turn down to medium-low heat. Check every minute by touching your egg yolk softly and take off the lid when it is the firmness you like.


May your egg yolks be soft enough to dress your spinach.



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